The Difference Between Yiwu Market And Canton Fair?

Yiwu market, China Yiwu International Trade City, is the world’s largest wholesale market and China’s permanent trade exhibition. Canton Fair, or China Import and Export Fair, is the most famous trade exhibition in China.

Differences between Yiwu market and Canton Fair

1) Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and Yiwu market is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.

2) Canton Fair started in 1957, Yiwu market started in 1982.

3) The Canton Fair opens in April and October every year. Yiwu market is open all year round, except for half a month off during the lunar new year.

4) Canton Fair has more large manufacturers and large trading companies. There are more small factories and distributors in Yiwu market.

5) The starting volume of Canton Fair is thousands or tens of thousands or a complete container, which is only applicable to large importers. The starting volume of Yiwu market from dozens to hundreds, you can mix many products in one container.

6) At the Canton Fair, almost all suppliers speak English and know what FOB is. In Yiwu market, only a few suppliers can speak English and almost all suppliers don’t know what FOB is. You should find a reliable professional agent in Yiwu.

7) Yiwu market is much cheaper than the Canton Fair. You can find very cheap products in Yiwu market, such as socks, hairpins, ballpoint pens, slippers, toys, etc.

8) The total number of suppliers in Yiwu market is far more than that in Canton Fair.

If you have time, you can attend the Canton Fair first, and then fly from Guangzhou to Yiwu to visit the Yiwu market. We want to say that in recent years, more and more customers have entered the Yiwu market from the Canton Fair.

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